Why Choose JobSecura For Your CLAT Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide


One of the most prominent entrance tests in India is the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT).It secures admission to some of the topmost National Law Schools (NLU’s).  Selecting the appropriate platform for your CLAT preparation is essential to success. We will explore the reasons that make Jobsecura a remarkable option for your CLAT preparation.

1. CLAT syllabus-oriented Study Materials -

CLAT entrance coaching should be taken as per the syllabus given by CLAT consortium. This is specified by on their website. To help the students, the consortium also releases sample question papers. It clearly means that study materials are necessary. Jobsecura offers comprehensive study materials that have been carefully selected to cover every topic in the CLAT syllabus – English, QT, Logic Reasoning. The study material has been prepared by our internal team after extensive research. The Logical reasoning section has almost 700 questions and the English section about 600.


2. Professional Instructors - 

Jobsecura has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty members with a focus on CLAT coaching. Each faculty is a specialist in their particular section – Legal, English, Logical, GK, QT. Their knowledge in the subject guarantees that students get the best possible training and assistance during their preparation. Our faculty team consists mostly of fulltime employees thereby giving us a much better leverage to constantly interact with the students. This is an advantage enjoyed by very few CLAT coaching centers in Kerala.

2. An Interactive Educational Setting -

We do not believe or encourage rote learning. Least of all in a comprehension-based exam like CLAT. A dynamic and captivating learning environment that goes beyond conventional classroom instruction is provided by Jobsecura. Students are provided with comprehensive learning experience by offering live classes, interactive quizzes, and doubt-clearing sessions.   Students may easily navigate through the study materials, then discuss the same in live lectures and subsequently measure their progress thanks to the platform's user-friendly layout.

3. Individualized Instruction -

Jobsecura is distinguished by its dedication to offering a customized learning environment. The platform recognizes that each learner is distinct, possessing varying learning modalities and speeds. They therefore provide individualized coaching and mentoring to meet the needs of each person. CLAT exam coaching is not just teaching but also on how to learn.

4. Performance Analysis and Mock Examinations -

 This is perhaps the most important. No CLAT exam coaching creates the desired effect without periodical mock tests. It is these tests that prepare the student to answer the 120 questions (revised for 2024 CLAT) JobSecura regularly administers mock exams that mimic the CLAT exam environment. Comprehensive performance analysis reports that identify areas for improvement are given following each mock exam. Each course has 10 complete mock tests and almost equal number of sectional mocks. Students can effectively improve their performance and fine-tune their techniques thanks to our extensive drilling.

5. Online and offline classes –

Our CLAT Coaching center is in Calicut. However, geography is not a restriction. We have offline and online classes. Students from across Kerala and India can attend through online classes. Our offline coaching center is a four- storied building in the heart of Calicut city with easy access. 

6. Constant Encouragement and Support

It can be difficult for students to prepare for the CLAT, and they frequently need ongoing encouragement and help to stay motivated and focused. Jobsecura is a veteran in law Entrance coaching aware of this and offers resolute assistance throughout their training. We have motivational training division as well that helps students to stay on top.

6. History and results speak for themselves –

The proof of the pudding is in eating it. JobSecura as of 2023 has –

15 years of solid proven background.

More than 3000 students coached by us in various law entrance exam.

Top ranks every year in premium law colleges like NUALS, KLEE, CUSAT and more

CLAT 2023 all India 11th rank is a JobSecura student.

In summary, selecting the best platform for your CLAT preparation might have a big influence on your future. JobSecura is a top option for CLAT candidates because of its knowledgeable teachers, engaging classroom, individualized coaching, extensive study materials, and track record.



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