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English Prepositions KLEE English Area-Previous Questions

  Any student preparing for KLEE, Delhi University, JMU, Aligarh Muslim university and similar law entrance tests and getting themselves trained and coached under Law entrance coaching center in kerala can expect questions from the area of Prepositions for KLEE/ CLAT & other Law Exams , in the English section. A beforehand preparation can help a lot in scoring well in this area. Usually around five questions are coming from this segment, if you look at previous year KLEE, JMU, AMU law entrance exams. Let us look at some model Prepositions questions which appeared in KLEE English Area, which you can practice for free. 1.The Brahmaputra has its source --------- the Himalayas. - (a) within (b) in (c). At (d) under 2. Please switch -------- the lights before going to sleep. - (a) out (b) off (c) of (d) down 3. Somehow I reached the station --------- time to catch the train.   (a) on (b) at (c) to (d) in 4. The unhealthy nexus ------- between politicians and criminal

Online Law Entrance Coaching

  Kerala Law Entrance Examination (KLEE)  is among the top competitive exams in the state. It has a high number of aspirants.  Almost seven thousand students aim to secure admission to five year LLB professional course.   Students, as of date, are preparing in full swing for2021 KLEE and CLAT. More importantly, everything is online now.    A general request to all such students is the need  to understand the background of law entrance exam questions and answers . Both KLEE and the national level Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) exams require guided study.     Let us look into  10 Important facts that every applicant should know about Law Entrance Exam Questions and Answers.  The first one is not about exams but mode of studying. A big time challenge is the ongoing and intense Covid second wave.  It means, end to end mode of learning will be online and not classroom based.  In such scenarios Jobsecura uses technology that integrates students learning with online videos and tests. Student