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Kerala Law Entrance Examination (KLEE) is among the top competitive exams in the state. It has a high number of aspirants.  Almost seven thousand students aim to secure admission to five year LLB professional course.  

Students, as of date, are preparing in full swing for2021 KLEE and CLAT. More importantly, everything is online now. 


A general request to all such students is the need to understand the background of law entrance exam questions and answers. Both KLEE and the national level Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) exams require guided study.  


Let us look into 10 Important facts that every applicant should know about Law Entrance Exam Questions and Answers. 

  • The first one is not about exams but mode of studying. A big time challenge is the ongoing and intense Covid second wave.  It means, end to end mode of learning will be online and not classroom based.  In such scenarios Jobsecura uses technology that integrates students learning with online videos and tests. Student online involvement is a sure conclusion! 

  • Some students feel Law entrance exam questions and answers have gone way too far. It is not so. The KLEE exams have four sections – Legal, General Knowledge, English, Mental ability.  Each sections have certain given topics under it. At least three to four. So that makes it almost fifteen to sixteen topics in totality. It is necessary to know about all these topics- both in terms of question structure and answering pattern. At Jobsecura, we make you familiar with these. 

  • Is Law Entrance exam questions and answers good or tough? This question plagues several entrance aspirants. The answer to be very frank is - more towards the good or easy side. There are very few questions which are twisted and tricky.  Such question, even if there, will not be more than five percent of the total two hundred numbers. This means about ten questions. 

  • Sometimes the mental ability and maths section gives a scare to students. Especially from arts and commerce background. But no need to worry at all. It is nothing confusing or mind boggling. Just simple entry level calculations on – profit and loss, speed and distance, direction etc. Our experienced faculties will teach certain little tricks to achieve the best result in KLEE mental ability questions and answers. Students can hit right on all the questions. Yes, possible!  
  •  The legal section has the maximum number of questions. There are knowledge based questions and also reaoning and skill based questions. Students need not mug up or study byheart all the sections and definitions in various statutes. A general awareness of common concepts, terms and theories in law, would be enough. For answering legal reasoning questions, it is more of application than just memorising . We at JOBSECURA, exposes students to all possible types of questions and also provide crisp and on to the point notes, so that they learn only what is required. Online model tests, specifically on each topics like law of contracts, constitution, law of crimes, jurisprudence etc. ensure that our students won’t miss anything.
  • There are about sixty questions in English. The training we give at Jobsecura and test practices will ensure a good score for this section.  There will be some topics like Reading and Comprehension which might be a little challenging. But here again, there is guidance and mentoring to overcome every hurdle.  

  • General knowledge section has static and dynamic questions. The veteran team of trainers at Jobsecura will take you through umpteen tests - both static and dynamic. More emphasis will be given on dynamic questions. A little daily reading from your side will also help a lot. We will guide on the probable topics to be updated. 

  • Technology was mentioned in the beginning. At Jobsecura, we have our superb online learning app – Law Eminence. Every online class is a combination of instructor led training followed by app study material.  There is everything and more required for KLEE and CLAT exams within Law Eminence – 15, 000 questions in totality, 1000 questions in each section, 70 plus model tests, 60 hours of recorded classes.  Additionally, there is 80 hours of live classes for those who opt for only app!

  • Online classes at Jobsecura is no different from offline instructor led classroom training. The key objective is to keep the students effectively engaged. Every session is a combination of lecture followed by test taken from Law Eminence. Subsequently the test is discussed by the faculty.  Students can see their test scores instantly in their Law Eminence account. Improvement areas is thereby visible.

  • At Jobsecura , we are up- to- date with all changes in the syllabus pattern. It is incorporated in the teaching sessions. Online tests in Law Eminence are mostly from previous test papers. Our trainers set out new tests as well. These are created with a high level of probability accuracy in the actual tests.

 Remember - Five, ten and more precious tips to help you get better at law entrance exam questions and answers. If the need be. 

At JobSecura, the focus at all times, is to ensure that our students clear their KLEE and CLAT exams.  

The track record speaks for itself. More than one thousand students in the last thirteen years! 



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