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What After CLAT 2023

  “There is a time  for everything, and a season for every activity, ” says the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3). Nothing could be further from the truth for CLAT entrance exam-preparing students. The time for preparation is almost over and now it is the time for selecting the right National Law University (NLU) of one’s choice. Or let us put it in another way – make a decision on where one would like to go and what are the ideal options. It is a question of the best legal career path and nothing should be left to chance. The time for preparation is over - does not mean that candidates appearing for CLAT 2023 should shut their books and study material completely. Just a final brushing and a little bit of unwinding is perfect as D-Day approaches. Oh yes, the latter is important! Any parent and any teacher or mentor will suggest the same. Relax and do not take any unwanted stress. Enter the exam hall with a cool mind! Move to the next step - Coming back to the selection of the right NL