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Review of CLAT 2024 Question Paper

If there is one word that summarises CLAT 2024 exam then it is – easy. No doubt and no two ways on that. The exam which concluded today i.e. December 3 rd   2023 has surprised an d one many CLAT mentors by its sea change. Less in the pattern and more on the toughness and intensity of questions. All the sections were relatively simpler as compared to CLAT 2023 (May & December) and even CLAT 2022. Slightly easier than the three sample papers released by CLAT consortium. Let us evaluate the entire paper section by section. English language comprehension – The CLAT 2024 English section consisted of 24 questions. There were four passages and each passage had six questions. This was a minor difference as compared to previous years wherein each passage had five questions. The length of the passages was more or less similar as last year- 400 to 450 words and lesser also.   The major difference was that most of the questions were rather direct and not implied or indirect. For example,