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Common Misconceptions about Online Law Entrance Coaching in Kerala

  Are you planning to join a good law entrance coaching centres in Kerala and build a career in the legal domain? The word “online” is perhaps the most commonly used word in English language. Today when we say “online”, the listener immediately understands that the speaker is on the internet.   When it is added along with the word “classes”, it means, imparting education over the internet. In the last two years, since the Covid   19 Pandemic , online classes have undergone a sea change from its inception days. Every school, college and learning centre is delivering education on a virtual basis.    It has become an integral part of student life. Yet questions and concerns often remain! Coming back to the first question. As and when a student prepares to join a Law entrance coaching centres in Kerala , some concerns are bound to arise.   It is only natural that apprehension if any, should be addressed. In this process many misconceptions also need to be removed.   ·          T