Common Misconceptions about Online Law Entrance Coaching in Kerala


Are you planning to join a good law entrance coaching centres in Kerala and build a career in the legal domain?

The word “online” is perhaps the most commonly used word in English language. Today when we say “online”, the listener immediately understands that the speaker is on the internet.  When it is added along with the word “classes”, it means, imparting education over the internet. In the last two years, since the Covid  19 Pandemic , online classes have undergone a sea change from its inception days. Every school, college and learning centre is delivering education on a virtual basis.   It has become an integral part of student life.

Yet questions and concerns often remain!

Coming back to the first question. As and when a student prepares to join a Law entrance coaching centres in Kerala, some concerns are bound to arise.  It is only natural that apprehension if any, should be addressed. In this process many misconceptions also need to be removed.


·         Technology and platform issues –  Many students are unsure of the technological support provided. The common platforms for taking classes are Zoom and Google Meet. In rare cases, it can be Microsoft team. Other aspect is the speed of internet.  Certain centres provide a customised learning apps to take online tests. They are in the same pattern as the exam itself. Namely Kerala Law Entrance Exam, KLEE, at the state level and the Common Law Admission Test, CLAT, at the national level. While enquiring about coaching institutes, many students are unnecessarily worried about technological aspects. This is a totally misplaced fear. The reason is that communication platform and internet speed is the backbone of online training. NO coaching centre will compromise on this. Irrespective of cost involved.  As regards apps, students will have to make enquiries. It is specific to every tutorial. Some may not be even using it. If answer is latter, then of course, a limitation.


·         English or vernacular (Malayalam) medium of instruction –   Not everyone will be proficient in English. Especially students from state syllabus schools. They cannot be taught completely in English. Many topics in Legal, English etc. are easier understood when conveyed equivalently in vernacular – Malayalam, in this case. It cannot be vouched that every Law entrance coaching centres in Kerala is sensitive on this aspect. But, yes, the general trend is that most of the centres have an approach of teaching through the right balance of English and Malayalam. In Jobsecura we are totally committed to teaching each student as per their ease of understanding. Whether it be English or Malayalam. Language is never ever a barrier.  Hence this again a misplaced fear.


·         Inability to suddenly move from a school or college environment –  Now, this certainly is not something that can be attributed to an entrance coaching centre. A school or college is responsible to the student in a comprehensive way. Not just the academic part.  It includes sports and games, fine arts talents, grooming in many other aspects of life etc. A student’s behaviour outside the class is equally monitored as in the class.  Within the class also, students form long lasting friendships. It is an age where and outlook and attitudes to life are shaped.  Suddenly when they step out of a campus life, they expect the same environment in any educational centre. This is a far-fetched thought.  Any competitive exam coaching centre including Law entrance coaching centres in Kerala, has only a single goal.  Make the student pass the exam with flying colours.  Rest assured that, we at Jobsecura will leave no stone unturned to achieve this aim. It goes for each and every one of our students.


·         Lack of personal attention –  This is one minor disadvantage that a physical classroom has over an online or virtual classroom.  There is a direct person to person contact between the trainer and student. In online, it is the video camera that connects both via the internet. Many students develop a mental block to this. They feel that a trainer will take the session in a generic flow without any attempt to reach out to students. However, this is again an unnecessary roadblock. Many online classes are as much interactive as a physical classroom. At Jobsecura, we literally compel the students to come out of their camera’s by showering them with questions and eliciting answers from them. We are not just one more Law entrance coaching centres in Kerala. We are the staunchest believers in Benjamin Franklin’s saying “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


·         Online entrance coaching gives limited exposure – It is one of the biggest misconception that any prospective law entrance student can have. In fact, ask any student who has been trained at Jobsecura. No physical classroom session will give such an exhaustive preparation for the KLEE exams.  There are 15,000 questions in total to be practised online through our Law Eminence App. It will battle harden you thoroughly Not just for KLEE but for all other major LLB entrance exams like CUSAT, AMU, BHU, Jamia Milia, Delhi University. So also with equal vigour for the CLAT exams.


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