Final Preparation for CLAT


There is just little over a month left for CLAT 2023 entrance exams. The date, as we know is December 22, 2022- predated almost six months. The CLAT consortium has announced that no CLAT exam will be held in May 2023. This effectively erases a repeat attempt hope for all candidates. It means that each and every CLAT aspirant has to give their best on December 18th 2022.


Every student-aspirant must be in their last stage of preparation. The nervousness quotient is obviously rising due to exam blues. Through this blog, we attempt to reach out to all these students and help them with useful tips.  


Some dos and don’ts for CLAT exam –  


Ø  The command over English language - It may be a cliché but its importance can never diminish.  The CLAT exam in its new pattern i.e., from 2020 onwards is totally different. All the sections including even Quantitative Techniques, presents the questions in a passage format. Reading, comprehending and reproducing English is the essence. This should be kept in mind with each passing day.  


Ø  Grammar - This can be a surprise element in CLAT 2023 exams. Now please do not get panicky or hyper! The possibility is based on the two sample tests released by CLAT consortium. There were three to four questions in the English section that was grammar based. Having said this, there is no need to sit and cram - tenses, participles, subject-verb, active-passive, prepositions etc. All the questions asked were of a basic grammar level. For a CLAT preparing student, it is not complex.  In fact, such questions are a welcome relief from the highly implied passage questions.


Ø  Legal – In the legal section it is not the knowledge which will be tested. Instead, it is the ability to apply principles mentioned in the passages that gets probed. A deep prior understanding about the concepts of law will help you to fasten the process of reading passages. The key areas that should come in your reference includes Law of Torts, Contracts, Constitution and International Law. Remembering sections or events or dates are not relevant instead clarity about the concepts is what needed.


Ø  Logical reasoning / Critical reasoning – As can be seen from the previous CLAT papers, sample passages of different guide books and CLAT sample test, logical passages have a similar flavor as English passages. The practice of one is by default the practice of the other. This is a major advantage. Do not get caught in the web of too intricate logical questions. Just leave it. Focus on mentally registering the passage argumentative logic. Then map it according to the questions that asks to disprove or prove the same


Ø  General Knowledge (GK) - This section is a slightly tricky one. Giving any last-minute tips in CLAT GK is like comforting that a fast bowler will not bowl a Yorker if you are the batsman. The best way is to go through the key events that have taken place nationally and internationally in the last six months. Then take a little dive into things related to the same. For example, if passage is India – Russia ties, then get details of things like - First Indian Ambassador to Russia, Joint Indo-Russian movie production etc.  But remember, just browse and note as it is last-minute preparations.


Ø  Improve English vocabulary and reading – It is never too late and it can be done always and that too with fun and interest. No need for a laborious approach.  Select topic or genre that is of natural interest. Unknowingly one will come across new words. Another tip – do not always read to analyze from an exam point of view.  Rather read to relax. Analysis will happen by itself.


Ø  Mark answers intelligently – CLAT is a competitive exam and strategic answering like in any competitive exam is the key. Leave out any questions that have more than one close answers. Again, leave out questions which require too much reading and thinking. For example, Socio-philosophical questions in Logical reasoning. Aim to answer the sure questions and not “as many questions as possible”. Time is a big challenge as every question is passage based and reading takes up a lot of time.



Structured training is always better in a highly competitive exam like CLAT. 

At JobSecura we not just coach in-depth but also mentor our students to prepare them with confidence for all law entrance exams like CLAT, KLEE, CUSAT, DU, AMU, BHU, JMI and more. Our technological appLaw Eminence and our classroom sessions is the perfect mix to get the students ready.

After more than 15 years and 2000 students in and passed out from top notch law colleges, the results speak for themselves.


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