5 Small but Important Things to Observe in Law Entrance Coaching Centers


By the way, we hope that you read this article before starting your search for law entrancecoaching centres in Kerala.

Making a career choice is no doubt, a priority. But then-on, selecting the path to reach that choice is the most important thing.  

The legal sector is considered as one of the most noble, rewarding and growth oriented profession-  both in India and across the world. Umpteen, plus two and graduation completed students in India and Kerala, are eager to rise in this sector.

Great! But, careful preparation is the key from the very beginning.

A simple but slightly overlooked factor is selection of the coaching centre. There are many law entrance coaching centres in Kerala. Enrolling in the selected one is your choice. Guiding you towards the right one is our duty.

Five small but important things to observe while selecting law entrance coaching centres –

Ø  Faculty / Trainers

Ø  Technology

Ø  Content delivery

Ø  Study Material

Ø  Infrastructure 

1. Most important is the training team strength of the centre. After all, it is guidance and mentoring that is topmost in the mind of the student. Otherwise he or she would have studied on their own. You should make sure, that a coaching centre of your choice has knowledgeable trainers for each section of the exam. These sections typically are – Legal, English, General Knowledge, Mental ability.  It is easy to get references about an established and long running institute. However, in newly set-up coaching centres, references may not come so easily.  It has to be experienced. They may also have excellent trainers. A differentiating factor is the presence of in-house subject faculties. The guest lecturer model is not very suitable. It means, such coaching institutes are cutting corners. 


2. Technology is pivot of any service. It is the connector and enabler. In education delivery, technology is the forerunner. Students from the state, aspiring to enter legal sector, should carefully evaluate the tech support of every law entrance coaching centre in Kerala.  The era of high speed internet, smartphones, mobile apps are permanent. Training an exam based syllabus models is highly effective with custom made testing platform app. It should enable students to practise tens of thousands of previous LLB Kerala and CLAT (national exam) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) questions. A feature rich app necessitates ease of use.  Both speed and question familiarity has to go hand in hand.  Enhancements through Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step for online learning.

3. Mode of teaching or content delivery is another very important factor to be assessed when you select a law entrance coaching centre in Kerala.  Here we suggest the perfect blend of legacy and technology.  Suppose a batch is put a practice test MCQ paper. Subsequently it should be discussed in class through a vigorous grilling session. Also you should be careful of hidden promises from marketing teams.  To take and example, a particular law entrance coaching centre may have national presence.  At least at the online level.  They may have an excellent web based Learning Management System (LMS) platform.  However, say the classes are conducted via pre-recorded video sessions. This will have limited effectiveness. The term “live streaming sessions” is camouflaged in a very diplomatic manner.   A recorded video streaming is NOT a live student-teacher interaction.  Covid pandemic has set in tone Zoom and Google meet. But even virtual classes should have close student-teacher connect.  

4. Study material is next criterion for selecting a law entrance coaching centre. A printed study book with sample and actual question papers is the hallmark of a good and reputed law coaching centre. It goes to show that a lot of effort has been put behind the scene to prepare the students. There will of course be limitations to any content size that can be printed. Additionally, there are chances of a printed book being circulated to outsiders. However, such minor drawbacks should not be given too much thought. The typical Indian student always feels comfortable with an exam book in his or her study bag.   A perfect mix of print and online exam content is the right ingredient for every law entrance coaching centre in Kerala.  

5. Infrastructure makes a lot of difference. It is a very broad based term and cannot be restricted to just a few parameters. The above mentioned faculty team is also part of infrastructure. A centre having full-fledged training classrooms, LCD presentation facilities and trainer podiums makes a lot of difference. Online sessions through Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft team etc. are no doubt ubiquitous. But legacy mode of training will continue to have its importance for all times. Students always prefer direct touch with the teacher and their batch mates. It helps them to connect and learn better. A coaching centre having its own premises is a sign that it is there to stay in that region for a very long time to come.  

At JobSecura, we develop students to face the Kerala State LLB Exams (KLEE) and Common Law Admission test (CLAT) through a multi- pronged approach. We are the first and the most reputed law entrance coaching centre in Kerala. Established by reputed lawyers in the 2008, today we proudly and happily claim more than 2000 students trained by us. They have passed from topmost law colleges in India and Kerala. The Jobsecura technological wing and app division – Law Eminence has reached to many aspiring students transcending all geographical barriers. It has a colossal content of more than 70, 000 questions of all major law entrance exams.

Come and join with the best to be the best! 


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