Mental ability Made easy- CLAT/KLEE Law Entrance Exams

Mental ability constitutes anywhere between 10 to 25% in the Kerala Law Entrance Exam (KLEE). It is common for all other law entrance exams.  But in the case of KLEE, this section has been introduced only last 2 years. The other law entrance exams include CUSAT, AMU, Delhi University, Symbiosis Pune etc.

This section is an easy scoring one and gives the opportunity to add up high marks to the overall score. But there is a mild challenge!

 Unlike, other competitive exams, many of the students appearing in KLEE are not very comfortable with these questions.  They balk at tackling the mental ability section. A prime reason may be due to the fact that many students come from arts and commerce backgrounds. Therefore, the hesitation is understandable.

However, there is nothing to be worried about AT ALL!  Yes, mentioning it in caps!   

Some small tips will ensure a good score for the mental ability section in the KLEE exam.

Let’s first remove the notion that subject background matters. It does not AT ALL!   Again in caps

The reason is that mental ability is made up of two parts. One is the numerical ability and the second is logical thinking.  Students would be coming from subject backgrounds in which they have no connection with maths for a long time.  An example is that of a BA literature student. He or she may sometimes have a gap of almost 5 years.  (if they are appearing for the 3 year KLEE exam)

With a little discipline, getting 20 questions correct is easily possible. It is not some typical booster talk but a happy reality as seen in last 2 years. Even without a pen or pencil in hand. 

The numerical questions include- speed and distance, time and ratio, profit and loss etc. In logical reasoning, students will have to answer on - coding and decoding, blood relation, calendar etc.

So, what are these tricks or tips? Let’s list them down.  Kerala Law Entrance Examination Coaching centre for CLAT/KLEE/Law entrance examinations have contributed in listing them effectively

·           In the fraction questions, KLEE exam goers will have to mark the lowest or the highest fraction among the 4 choices. There are certain simple ways to select the correct option.  For example, in the event of the difference between the numerator and denominator being minimal, there are certain shortcut ways to recognize it.  No need for the typical laborious calculation.  


·           A word is coded in a particular way. So what will be the logic to code the next word? Hence, the expectation is clear and so is the logical flow. The crux is to understand the pattern of answers. Then it may not even be necessary to calculate the answer. Just by looking at it, the answer will be clear.  For example, it is easy to calculate the English letters that go ahead. The ones that go back will be tough.  But our expert training at Job Secura teaches many a simple trick in such cases.  

·            Next comes blood relations. It is nothing but specifying the relationships in an extremely twisted manner. For example, even a simple relation of mother and daughter will be explained in a lengthy and spiral manner.  The question then asks the student to explain the second level of the relationship. There is nothing to get bogged down here. There are certain symbols on the basis of which, correct answers can be selected in a jiffy.  KLEE aspirants will find the going, as easy as it gets.  Our team is there to help everyone on this.

·            Another question that has a good chance of coming is on ranking. It is something like this - If a person has a rank of so and so from the top and so and such from the bottom, then what will be the total number of students in the class? Or something similar. Here again, there are many tips that will prove extremely useful in getting to the right option. Simple and easy to understand.

·             Take it almost for sure about a question on speed and distance.  In one angle, it seems very simple. But the challenge comes in scenarios like converting Kilometres per hour into meters per second.  Rather the correct word to use is – “challenge was”. The expert mentoring at JobSecura teaches you certain short cut ways to eliminate such challenges.

·           Not to be left behind is distance and time. One question or more is a bygone conclusion. Every KLEE, CLAT and other law entrance exam student has to know about direction sense. For example, if a person goes so much to a direction and then takes a right, then…. next where? Here again, some line explanations are the tips to tackle this section.


This and much more. Not everything can be revealed in this blog! Join Jobsecura’s Law Entrance coaching class which is Kerala Law Entrance Examination Coaching centre for CLAT/KLEE/Law entrance ex  amination and also get exposure to the Law Eminence app. There is so much to learn. As mentioned earlier, - CUSAT, AMU, Delhi University, Symbiosis Pune and all other major law entrance aspirants stand to gain as well. 


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