5 Reasons why law aspirants fail to clear KLEE

Every year, thousands of plus two students, aspire to clear the Kerala LLB entrance examinations – KLEE and join Lawentrance coaching centers in Kerala/Calicut. But many of them fail to clear the test.

 There are five main reasons for it -

  1.      Missing the application date or applications getting rejected.
  2.         .Missing out on the changes in exam syllabus
  3.          Missing out on a preparation framework
  4.          Lack of enough proper practice on online platform.
  5.          Lack of attention to new topics 

Now let’s look at each of one of them and understand the inner problem and look at some their solutions as seen by best CLAT/LLB entrance coaching center in Calicut, Kerala

1. The first mistake committed by many students in the KLEE entrance exam, is regarding the date itself and the application process.

Normally the exam is held between April and May middle. At least, this is the new pattern in recent years. The notification comes around March middle. Many- a- times, we at JobSecura, get a flurry of calls asking for KLEE exam dates. Sadly, these calls come, days after the exam is over. This is nothing but a casual approach by the students or even their parents. It has to be avoided.

After the notification, there is a fifteen-day or so window frame. So, keep all documents ready, beforehand. About 20% of the applications are rejected every year due to inability to produce relevant certificates, at the required time. Being aware of what all documents are required and arranging them beforehand is something to be taken care of which usually is supported by CLAT/LLB entrance coaching center in Calicut, Kerala. Visit the website of www.ceekerala.org and understand what all documents are required for applying.

2.  The second mistake is not being aware of the changes in the KLEE syllabus pattern.

Similar to other competitive exams, LLB, also has a dynamic exam pattern. It is subject to certain question changes. This is not frequent but yes it does happen once in a while. Many students commit the mistake of studying the old syllabus. They are simply not aware of the changes. Kerala LLB entrance examinations – KLEE and join Lawentrance coaching centres in Kerala/Calicut help you understand these changes. For example, KLEE has introduced a section called mental ability. This is in addition to the numerical ability section.  If a student goes by the old pattern of questions, there is bound to be a big challenge.

3. Appearing for the KLEE exams without any preparation framework and a definitive strategy is disastrous.

Lack of both these, is the third mistake committed by many of the KLEE applicants. It has been observed frequently that students do not have an idea on the sections that have to be given additional focus.  What is to be avoided while studying? At the same time, some sections need only skimming through. Sitting hours on them is a sheer waste.  This overall clarity is sorely missing.  Preparing knowing one’s own strengths and weakness is very crucial.

4. The fourth mistake is lack of preparation in answering questions via online mode.

Many students have just given their plus two exams. Their familiarity in online answering is limited. Of course, it is not their fault. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, students just start appearing for competitive exams. That too Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). It very much calls for a speed and comfort level in answering these questions. Therefore, practice is required. Both for MCQ answering and gadget usage.

5.  The fifth mistake is not giving attention to totally new topics.

This is especially so for sections like legal reasoning and General Knowledge (GK). These are subjects unfamiliar to many plus two students. However even more risky is assuming that it can be cleared through textbook study. Solely relying through such methods may not yield desired results. It is necessary to prepare thoroughly according to KLEE test patterns. In such scenarios. it is always advisable to go for systematic and mentored  way of learning.


Prepare with commitment and we are there to ensure that you clear the ultimate goal. Nothing succeeds like success!


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