10 Tips to crack CLAT 2021.

We are sure that with a lot of hopes, aspirations, many applicants for law would be looking forward to CLAT 2021 as a gateway for India's 21 national law universities. But then comes the speculation and myths generated around it that it is a major hard nut to crack, CLAT being India's toughest law test. But it is not as unattainable as it seems to be, there are candidates who have worked smart and cleared CLAT in their first attempt. At JobSecura – Law Coaching Centre based in Calicut we provide assistance & guidance in such a way that candidates are capable of doing the right planning, preparation and execution. To crack CLAT 2021 here are some of the tips our expert law entrance coaches suggest:

1) Be aware of the constant changes happening in the CLAT exam syllabus & pattern.
CLAT is an evolving exam, yet to stabilize in it’s syllabus and exam pattern. The new CLAT 2021 SYLLABUS , underwent some major changes in 2020. So your preparation strategy should be in line, with the new syllabus.
2) Last minute preparation and a CRASH COURSE, alone may not fully suffice.
As the new syllabus is more of a skill-based exam, than a knowledge based one, continuous long-term preparation is required to enhance your DEDUCTIVE & LOGICAL REASONG skills.
3) Be enrolled with the best CLAT COACHING CENTRE.
A proper guidance and mentoring from a coaching centre, will definitely help you to prepare and perform in the exam, with the right strategy. CLAT EXAMS being a skill based one, proper mentoring is highly essential.
4) Current affairs is a major component of the CLAT EXAM, and so develop the habit of compiling and being aware of the details of important issues and developments, happening in the Socio, Political, Scientific, Sports and all such spheres.
5) Read, read, read,
Reading Comprehension skill is now the most important skill required to crack CLAT 2021. Reading a wide variety of topics alone develop the ability, which helps you to enter into the passage quickly and answer the questions within the given time
6) Enhance your speed without compromising your accuracy.
Prepare with the right strategy and minimize your mistakes by practicing simple techniques to crack LEGAL REASONING and QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES.
7) Encash your strong areas and reduce your weakness.
Identifying your best area among the five areas of questions and ensure the best performance in those areas. Remember , neglecting a particular area fully may turn out to be very costly and so, gradually improve your performance in weaker areas and ensure minimum score in that segment also. For eg.Neglecting Quantitative ability area fully, for fear of mathematics , will turn out to be a wrong strategy.
8) Prepare your MIND along with your BRAIN.
A proper MINDSET alone can ensure effective BRAINSET. Optimum performance is a combination of ABILITY & WILLINGNESS. Keeping up the spirit of committed, wilful efforts in a systematic manner is a key element of CLAT PRPEARATION STRATEGY.
9) Practice more and more model questions.
Constant exposure to exam environment, with the right kind of questions and challenges, stimulates your brain and positively influence your performance in real exam.
Right from applying for the exam, constantly monitoring the updates from consortium, preparing meticulously following a time table, performing well in the exam, till constantly looking for updates on rank list and admission, every CLAT aspirant must keep up his vigil on high alert.

Planning & Preparation for CLAT is a slightly long process, often it takes more than 15 months, so it is important for applicants to retain the level of zeal and energy throughout the journey. It's not good to lose faith, it's always good to take small breaks during training and get refreshed to keep the pace up. At Jobsecura- Calicut Law Entrance Coaching Centre we have been coaching and training law aspirants for over a decade now, and have successfully place more than 1000 students in various reputed law schools across the countries. Our coaches are not just subject experts but also mentors who know how to encourage , keep up your energy & push you towards working harder to achieve your goals.


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